PICHOA-2 Proposes Citihomes Traffic Management Rules

The Pag-ibig Citihomes Homeowners’ Associations in Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental had adopted a Transportation and Security Plan last year for implementation in the subdivision. The rules on transportation was lumped with the security measures because, as well know, traffic also concerns the security and safety of the homeowners.

The Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association (PICHOA-2) Board believes that the two fields, security and transportation/traffic, should not be lumped together in one policy since both are major areas of consideration, though the two may overlap on some cases.

An improvement for the transportation operation or traffic management rules and regulations is being proposed by PICHOA-2. This is somewhat comprehensive and it totally separates from the Security Policy of the subdivision. A comprehensive Subdivision Security Policy/Plan is still to be undertaken.

The Process

The proposed comprehensive Traffic Implementing Rules and Regulations is already under review by the PICHOA-2 Transportation Committee. After the committee review, the Rules will be presented to the Board for approval and endorsement to the other Homeowners Associations (HOAs) of the subdivision. The other HOAs’ Transportation Committees shall review PICHOA-2’s proposal and this will be elevated to their respective Board for approval.

The Board-approved Rules will then be discussed by the joint HOAs’ Board to incorporate revisions or additional improvements of the Rules. The joint HOAs’ Board-approved Rules will then be presented to the respective General Assembly of the each HOA for adoption.

The Proposed Citihomes Traffic IRR

The proposed Implementing Rules and Regulations governing the Traffic Management of Pag-ibig Citihomes Subdivision contain the following aspects or areas.

Traffic management, which talks about speed limit, terminal areas, practice driving, etc, is contained in Rule 2 while Rule 3 talks about accreditation process. Rule 3 touches on the accreditation criteria for public transportation vehicles including Habal-habal. It also discusses accreditation of drivers, and the effectivity, expiration, and renewal of accreditation. It also provides for the accreditation process and accreditation fees.

Rule 4 is all about the creation and composition of accreditation bodies and their functions. For public transportation, the subdivision will have one accreditation body, Transportation Accreditation Body (TAB), which is totally separate from the Transportation Committee of each HOA.

Private vehicles owned by homeowners will be accredited by their respective HOA’s Transporation Committee.

Rule 5 discusses the Accreditation Fund, which will be managed by the TAB. This fund will be generated from the fees, fines, etc. levied by the TAB to public transportation operators and drivers. It also prescribes the intended use and audit of the fund; and how the net surplus of the fund, after deducting the TAB expenditures, be shared or distributed to the various HOAs of the subdivision.

Rule 6 is all about the penalties and sanctions that will be imposed by the TAB to violations of the Traffic Rules while Rule 7 talks about handling of complaints and the adjudication process/mechanism.

The Transportation Adjudication Body is contained in Rule 8, which provides for the composition and duties of the body. The body is totally separate from the Adjudication Committees of each HOA.

The Draft Citihomes Traffic IRR

For better appreciation of the proposed Citihomes Traffic IRR, please see the attached file (Proposed Implementing Rules & Regulations for Traffic Mgt of Citihomes).


Envisage Security Proposes Beefing up Manpower in Citihomes

Envisage Security Agency, Inc., the present security provider in the subdivision, proposed to Johndorf Ventures Corporation (JVC) to beef up its manpower stationed at Pag-ibig Citihomes in Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental.

The proposal of the security agency was bared in the Memorandum dated January 23, 2012 addressed to Engr. Joseph Navarro, the Project Manager of JVC. The agency furnished a copy of the memo to homeowners associations. PICHOA-2 received the copy of the memo on January 31, 2012.

The recommendation to beef up the physical security of the subdivision, as contained in the memo, is for JVC to construct a perimeter fence with steel entrance/exit main gate; restrict passage and loitering of stay-in/out contractors’ workers, including residents of neighboring/adjacent sitios in unoccupied housing units; limit stay-in workers and their families to the bunk houses; establishment of road traffic control and signs; and replacement of busted street lights.

The subdivision currently doesn’t have a gate and perimeter fence. People from neighboring communities also pose a threat for theft and other crimes.

The memo also recommends for additional security personnel. The current manpower is comprised only of nine (9) security guards. The proposal is to raise it to 16 security personnel.

The memo came from Mr. Momie B.Galoso, the Area Supervisor of Envisage Security Agency, Inc.