Criteria for Membership

Article III, Section 1 of the approved By-Laws expressly provides the criteria for the membership in the Association. The following are eligible for membership:

  1. Lot buyers/owners; and
  2. Long-term lessees and occupants; provided, however, that the long-term lessees and bonafide occupants shall be considered as members of the association, in lieu of the owner of the same.

A lease shall be considered a long-term lease if his lease is in writing and for a period of one year or more.

Member in Good Standing

A Member in Good Standing is one who complies faithfully with all the duties and obligations of a member as determined by the board of directors (Sec. 2 of By-Laws).

Members’ Privileges

Every member of this association shall be entitled to participate in any meeting and vote on the following matters (Sec. 3 of By-Laws):

a. Amendment of the articles of incorporation;

b. Adoption and amendment of by-laws;

c. Sale, lease, exchange, mortgage, pledge or other disposition of all or substantially all of the association’s assets;

d. Incurring, creating, or increasing bonded indebtedness;

e. Increases or decreases of association capitalization or dues;

f. Merger or consolidation of the association with another association or other associations;

g. Investment of association funds in another association;

h. Dissolution of the association; and,

i. Inspection and examination of association records at reasonable hours on business days.

Members’ Rights 

Every member in good standing of this association shall have the following rights (Sec.3 of By-Laws):

a. To vote at all elections of trustees or directors, either in person or by representative authorized to act by written proxy;

b. To be eligible to any elective or appointive office of the association;

c. To participate and vote on all matters brought before any meeting or deliberation of the members of the association;

d. To use, enjoy, benefit from, or take advantage of all facilities and services of the association.

Members’ Duties

Every member of this association shall have the following duties (Sec. 4 of By-Laws):

a. To pay his membership fee, association dues, special assessments, and such other fees which may be levied on him by the association;

b. To participate in important activities or social affairs of the association as may be determined by the board of directors or trustees;

c. To attend all meetings, assembly, and seminars as may be called by the association, the board of directors or trustees or its committees;

d. To obey and comply with this by-laws and such other rules and regulations as may be promulgated by the board of directors or trustees and approved by the majority of the members.

Grounds for Expulsion of Members

Any member may be expelled from the association on the following grounds:

a. Default in the payment of association dues specified in Article IV hereof, for a period of thirty (30) days from written demand;

b. Ceasing to be a member in good standing, as determined by the board of directors and trustees, after due notice and hearing;

c. Repeated violation of any of the provisions of the articles of incorporation, this by-laws or existing rules and regulations of the association and exhibiting conduct inimical to the interest of the association as determined by the board of directors or trustees, after due notice and hearing.


NOTES from the Site Admin:

 The Association does not have an existing promulgation or, rules and regulations detailing the criteria for classifying a member as Member in Good Standing or otherwise; except for the general provision in Article 3, Section 2 of the approved By-Laws.

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