ANNOUNCEMENT: 2012 PICHOA-2 Special General Assembly

Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association, Inc. (PICHOA-2) will be holding Special General Assembly on Sunday, July 15, 2012 at two o’clock in the afternoon. The assembly will be held at St. Vincent Ferrer Chapel’s ground.

All unit owners or their representatives are enjoined to attend said activity to discuss relevant issues affecting our community. And, of course, to hear from members their concerns, suggestions, etc. to improve our community.

The following challenges or concerns will be discussed, among others: Continue reading

PICHOA-2 Appoints a Collector

Pag-ibig Citihome Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association (PICHOA-2) engages the services of collector for its drive to collect monthly membership dues as stated in the association’s By-Laws.

The move is in support of the previous Board Resolution condoning the collection of previous years’ monthly dues collectibles from its membership. PICHOA-2 will collect all outstanding monthly dues starting January 2012 from members.

For those housing units taken out only this year, 2012, monthly dues will start on the preceding month the unit is actually taken out.

The Collector

Director David Lozano had accepted the Board’s call for him to be ascribed collector of the association. He will received a meager amount of honorarium worth P1,000.00 per month. The association’s elected directors and appointed officers do not have an honorarium. Works of these officers are on a pro-bono basis.

Though Director Lozano is assigned as the official collector, payment of monthly dues and membership fee can still be made at the treasurer’s residence located at Block 4 Lot 2.

Director Lozano will be roving and conduct house-to-house collection.

The association through its By-Laws is authorized to hire a collector or association’s officers. These officers may not be part of the Board and will be properly compensated.

Currently, PICHOA-2 is financial constrained to hire a regular collector.

Issuance of Official Receipt

Director Lozano is authorized to issue an Official Receipt for all payments received from members. Members are obliged to ask for the association Official Receipt.

Financial Reports

The challenge now for PICHOA-2 is to provide a regular report on the financial condition of the association to the members. The responsibility to provide members with financial information is inherent to the any association drive to collect money from its members.

PICHOA-2 shall submit an updated monthly collection report preferably stating also the amount of monthly dues and membership fee outstanding collectibles from the members.

A report on the Financial Condition (Balance Sheet) and Statement of Operation (Income Statement) shall be submitted to the members, the most, on a quarterly basis.

These financial reports can be posted on designated bulletin board and on-line/web-based avenues for facile access of the members.

Monthly Dues and Membership Fee

PICHOA-2 By-Laws provides for monthly dues collectible from members amounting to P60.00 per month. The monthly dues will be utilized by the association for its operation.

While it also provides for a one-time membership fee of P500.00 imposable to all homeowners under its turf. The membership fee serves as the seed capital of the association and can be used for well-meaning projects or programs of the association i.e. purchase of emergency equipment, emergency operation, and the like.

Deadline of payment of the monthly dues is on the 5th day of the succeeding month.

The Subdivision Developer’s

Unfortunately, the subdivision developer, Johndorf Ventures Corporation (JVC), notwithstanding the existence of the duly organized association collected the membership fee and monthly dues from homeowners during the take-out of housing units.

Today, JVC has only remitted portion of the membership fee collected to the association. It has not remitted a single centavo of the collected monthly dues. It still collects these fees from home-takers.

The developer very well knew that homeowners’ association exist for they have been summoned by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) – Region 10 for complaints filed by the three homeowners’ associations of Pag-ibig Citihomes Subdivision.

The developer is still to provide an updated list of housing units buyers. They have only provided the association the list, as of October 31, 2011, in March 2012.

The inability of the developer to provide an updated list as of the end of a particular month keeps both homeowners and officers wondering and forming conjectures for they have an automated or computerized database.

Bakit kaya? Ano kaya ang kanilang tinatago?

PICHOA-2 Names Phase 2 Streets

Phase 2 General Assembly approved during their annual meeting last December 2012 the name category for the number of streets crisscrossing Phase 2 of Pag-ibig Citihomes Subdivision in the Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental. The streets will be named after flowers, the body approved.

In late January of this year, an on-line survey was conducted to re-affirm the decision of the General Assembly as to the name category of the streets. After more than a month that the survey ran, it was not able to muster a majority number of votes to invalidate the previously approved street name category.

Though, the category of Gods & Goddesses, which was suggested by Ms. Cherry Seniel, was leading the on-line survey, the Board on their 2nd Regular Meeting on March 11, 2012 decided to adopt the General Assembly’s last year decision on the premise that the majority of the members were not able to participate in the on-line poll.

The association is strictly observing the decision of the majority of its members. If majority of the members would retract their previous decision, the Board will religiously follow.

Flower Name and their Symbolism

Since the developer is already asking for the street names for quite some time now, the Board decided to adopt the following name of flowers for Phase 2 streets. This will be submitted to them before the end of March 2012.

Below is the list of the flower names and their corresponding meaning or symbolism.

Flower Name



“Symbol of Womanhood”


“ Symbol of Gratitude”


“ Symbol of Mature Charm”


“Symbol of Respect”


“ Symbol of Protection”


“Symbol of Hospitality”


“Symbol of Sincerity”


“Symbol of Wisdom”


“Symbol of Attachment”


“Symbol of Devotion”


“Symbol of Creativity”


“Symbol of Cordiality”


“Symbol of Fidelity”


“Symbol of Adoration”

Street Name Placement

The Board decided that the streets will be named on an alphabetical order with only one flower name per letter. You will notice also that some of the letters in the alphabet were not assigned with corresponding flower name.

The purpose of such arrangement is to avoid confusion in locating the streets in Phase 2. And to provide facile instruction for people or service providers that are not familiar with the Block and Lot numbers.

Say for instance, you are looking for Cattleya Street and you are in the Lavender Street, you will have to simply go to the north direction, instead of going southward to Phase 3.

This is not the case of Phase 1 for, if you have observed, there are two or three street names that start with similar letter. These street names were not also arranged in an alphabetical order.

Street Guide

The first road in the north part of Phase 2 is named Azalea Street, while the road on the southern part of Phase 2 is named Marigold Street.

The vertical road that separates Phase 2 from Phase 1 is named Peppermint Street while the outer road that runs beside Bunkalalan River is named Sunflower Street. The vertical road on the center of Phase 2 is named Rosemary Street.

The odd road in front of Block 3 is named Bluebell Street. There is no other street name in Phase 2 that starts with letter “B”.

Please note that the main road separating Phases 2 and 3 was not named. The Board agreed to have Phase 3 HOA named it or simply adapt Phase 1’s street name since this road runs through them.

Collection Of Monthly Dues To Start In January 2012

Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners Association (PICHOA-2) Board of Directors has approved on their 1st Regular Meeting held on January 15, 2012 the regular collection of Membership/Association Dues, commonly known as Monthly Dues, starting January 2012.

Mindful of the financial situation of the members, the Board has also approved to condone the previous years uncollected monthly dues to give relief to the members of PICHOA-2. The condonation is only applicable to PICHOA-2’s monthly dues collectibles as of December 31, 2011.

The Board decisions are incorporated in Board Resolution No. 003, Series of 2012.

Members of PICHOA-2 are enjoined to pay promptly their monthly dues on/before the 5th day of the succeeding month.

Members are also encouraged to always ask for the Official Receipt (OR) from the treasurer.

The monthly dues can be paid only to our treasurer, Ms. Gladys B. Adajar, at Phase 2, Block 4, Lot 11.

A letter on this regard will be distributed in the subdivision. Members who are not yet residing in the subdivision are also enjoined to pay their contribution to PICHOA-2.

Buyers/homeowners of Phase 2 housing units are discouraged to pay their Membership Fee and Monthly Dues at the office of the developer, Johndorf Ventures Corporation (JVC). JVC is totally a separate entity from PICHOA-2. The developer is also prohibited to collect any fee in behalf of the homeowners’ association as prescribed in Section 27 of The Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decreee or PD # 957.

Membership Fee and Monthly Dues should be paid only to PICHOA-2, not to the developer.

PICHOA-2 issues Residence Certificate

The Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association (PICHOA-2) is ready to issue certification to resident-members. PICHOA-2 certification is only a confirmation that the name mentioned in the certificate resides in Phase 2 and is of good standing.

The certification is a requirement for micro-enterprises doing business in its jurisdiction especially during the renewal of their business permit with the Local Government Unit of Opol (Misamis Oriental). It is also a pre-requisite for those who are securing Barangay Clearance. Malanang Barangay Office will not issue Barangay Clearance without the certificate from the Association.

The requirements for securing the PICHOA-2 Certification are the following:

For Homeowners:

  1. Permit to Occupy (PTO)
  2. Valid ID Card

For Tenants and Non-Homeowners. These are those who are residing in the subdivision i.e. homeowner’s siblings, parents, relatives, etc.

  1. Certification from the Homeowner certifying that the applicant is his rightful tenant, sibling, parents, etc.
  2. Photocopy of Permit to Occupy of the Homeowner
  3. Photocopy of Valid ID Card of Homeowner
  4. Applicant’s Valid ID Card

Homeowners should have an updated payment of his/her monthly association dues before a certification can be issued. Monthly association dues is only P60.00.

The certificate only cost P20.00. Please ask for the Official Receipt. Certificate without Official Receipt number is considered invalid.

You can apply for the certification from the Association’s Treasurer, Ms. Gladys Adajar, located at Phase 2, Block 4, Lot 2.

SURVEY: Street Names for Citihomes Phase 2

Homeowners are wondering why the developer had not yet installed the street names in Phase 2. The construction of street signs’ posts was started and finished in the middle of last year.

If you notice, Phase 1 had their streets coined after the names of angels. There was a joke among homeowners that, perhaps, Phase 2 will have the different pseudonyms of demons. Probably it was patterned on the book, Angels & Demons, of bestselling author, Dan Brown. Phase 3 will have their streets named after breed of dog.

It was also the homeowners’ belief that naming the street is the onus of the developer. The developer is possibly in a dilemma looking for monikers of demons as implied by the joke.

Recently, it was known that the previous officers and members of the Board of Directors were already informed with regards to arrangement of naming the streets around Phase 2. Unfortunately, the developer, as claimed by Project Engineer John Lee Etol, was not supplied with the names.

On my own, I listed the following categories for naming our streets. The categories are listed below. This has not been discussed by the members of the Board of Directors, but I am planning to propose this in the coming 2nd Regular Meeting on February 12, 2012.

I came up with three (3) categories – Flowers, Philippine Fruits, and Superheroes. I thought of the Superheroes Category just in case majority of the homeowners would desire for unique street names.

Please note that the problem with Phase 1 street names is some of it are hard to remember and some are similarly sounding and spelled. What we wanted to achieve is a name that has a higher possibility of recall, something unique, contains one word, and is facile to spell/write.

Some names are already suggested per category. Please vote on what CATEGORY you want our streets be named. The highest ranking category will be adopted. We will then vote on what names that will be adopted on the approved category.

You are free to make suggestions for additional category.  Also note that there are 11 streets/roads that we will be baptizing.

Here’s the Categories:

Philippine Fruits



  1. Banana / Saging
  2. Durian
  3. Guava / Bayabas
  4. Jackfruit / Langka
  5. Mango / Mangga
  6. Mangosteen
  7. Papaya
  8. Pineapple / Pinya
  9. Pomelo
  10. Rambutan
  11. Santol
  12. Starfruit / Balimbing
  13. Tambis
  14. Avocado
  15. Guyabano
  16. Caimito
  17. Marang
  18. Orange
  19. Melon
  20. Watermelon


  1. Azalea
  2. Bluebell
  3. Buttercup
  4. Cornflower
  5. Daffodil
  6. Dahlia
  7. Daisy
  8. Dandelion
  9. Edelweiss
  10. Everlasting
  11. Eucalyptus
  12. Gardenia
  13. Honeysuckle
  14. Hyacinth
  15. Iris
  16. Ivy
  17. Jasmine
  18. Lily
  19. Lavender
  20. Magnolia
  21. Marigold
  22. Cattleya
  23. Peppermint
  24. Rosemary
  25. Sunflower
  26. Tulip
  1. Wolverine
  2. Spiderman
  3. Batman
  4. Superman
  5. Hulk
  6. Catwoman
  7. Elektra
  8. Hellboy
  9. Ironman
  10. Iceman
  11. Thor
  12. Phantom
  13. Punisher
  14. Juggernaut
  15. Gambit
  16. Beast
  17. Magneto
  18. Phoenix


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