PICHOA-2 2012 Special General Assembly a Success

The Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association, Inc. (PICHOA-2) special general assembly on July 15, 2012 was a resounding success.

Issues and concerns of the members and the association were presented, discussed and clarified. The following are some of the points raised during the assembly:

  1. Member’s Monthly Dues.

Members are obliged to pay promptly their monthly due contribution to the association’s collector or treasurer. The monthly due of P60.00 is expressly stipulated in the approved by-laws. The monthly due will fund the operational expenditures of the organization including expenses for light, garbage collection, maintenance and security.

Initially the monthly dues will finance the administrative cost of the organization, the garbage collection and street lights.

It was explained that the expected monthly due collectible per month is barely enough to provide for the fixed expenditures of the association.

  1. Garbage Collection.

Garbage collection at present is being serviced by the Local Government Unit of Opol but the services will only last for two (2) months according to Mayor Dexter Yasay.

The association will then be responsible for the collection of the members’ garbage on a weekly basis. Thus, members who didn’t pay their monthly dues will be denied of the garbage collection services.

Collection of garbage will be done on a house-to-house scheme unlike the present method adopted by LGU-Opol.

  1. Astray Animals

The subdivision has a problem of astray animals ranging from domesticated pets like dog and cats to farm animal like cow, goat and chicken.

The Deed of Restriction every house buyers had signed restricts astray animals or pets within the subdivision. Homeowners are also barred from raising farm animals within the subdivision.

  1. Vehicle Gate Pass/Stickers

All vehicles used for public transportation will have to secure a gate pass/sticker bearing the three logos of the three homeowners’ associations. Owners of private vehicles i.e. motorcycle, tricycle, car, and the like are enjoined to get a gate pass/sticker from PICHOA-2.

  1. Street Lights

PICHOA-2 will now be obligated to pay for the street lights and provide electric bulb for busted lights within Phase 2. Each phase of the subdivision will now have its own electric meter.

  1. Transportation.

There were many issues regarding the transportation services from and to the subdivision. But the main culprit is the condition of the access road to the subdivision.

The proposed van transportation is still in the drawing board. Officers of the three homeowners’ association have already made a request for the van operators of Kisanlu and Regency Subdivision to service the need of Citihomes’ residents. There were already petition submitted to the LTFRB to give franchise to would-be operators.

Financial Reports

The officers have vowed to post and update members of the financial condition of the organization. PICHOA-2 will publish a quarterly audited financial report.

Members can also examine the financial records of the association as long as they can provide proof that they are members of PICHOA-2.

Why the Need to Collect Monthly Dues

Many have wondered why the need to collect monthly dues when the developer had already remitted P189,000.00 to the association. PICHOA-2 needs to collect the monthly dues for the purposes stated above. The developer’s remitted money shall never be used for the operation expenses of the organization. It shall form part of the association’s seed capital and will only be utilized in times of dire need for it like emergencies. Operational expenses shall be funded by the monthly dues.

The P189,000.00 is only a partial remittance of Johndorf Ventures Corporation (JVC) to the association for the membership fee it collected from the homeowners. PICHOA-2 has still an outstanding membership fee and monthly due collectibles from JVC. The remitted amount comprises more or less 40% of the total collectibles from JVC.

Some also asked why we collected from JVC and suffer from termination of services like garbage collection. The reason we collected the money is because it is the homeowners’ or the association’s money. JVC has no right to collect or spend the money on our behalf.

Other common services that are needed in the subdivision are the responsibility of the developer especially that our subdivision is not yet turned-over to LGU-Opol and the homeowners’ association.

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