PICHOA-2 issues Residence Certificate

The Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association (PICHOA-2) is ready to issue certification to resident-members. PICHOA-2 certification is only a confirmation that the name mentioned in the certificate resides in Phase 2 and is of good standing.

The certification is a requirement for micro-enterprises doing business in its jurisdiction especially during the renewal of their business permit with the Local Government Unit of Opol (Misamis Oriental). It is also a pre-requisite for those who are securing Barangay Clearance. Malanang Barangay Office will not issue Barangay Clearance without the certificate from the Association.

The requirements for securing the PICHOA-2 Certification are the following:

For Homeowners:

  1. Permit to Occupy (PTO)
  2. Valid ID Card

For Tenants and Non-Homeowners. These are those who are residing in the subdivision i.e. homeowner’s siblings, parents, relatives, etc.

  1. Certification from the Homeowner certifying that the applicant is his rightful tenant, sibling, parents, etc.
  2. Photocopy of Permit to Occupy of the Homeowner
  3. Photocopy of Valid ID Card of Homeowner
  4. Applicant’s Valid ID Card

Homeowners should have an updated payment of his/her monthly association dues before a certification can be issued. Monthly association dues is only P60.00.

The certificate only cost P20.00. Please ask for the Official Receipt. Certificate without Official Receipt number is considered invalid.

You can apply for the certification from the Association’s Treasurer, Ms. Gladys Adajar, located at Phase 2, Block 4, Lot 2.


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