HOAs Suspend Erring Motorela Operator & Driver

The three Homeowners Associations (HOA) of Pag-ibig Citihomes in Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental suspended indefinitely an erring motorela operator and driver.

The motorela operator who happens to be the driver of the concerned motorela is Mr. Jesse Villaluz, a homeowner of Phase 1, married, and of legal age.

Motorela – Primary Mode of Transporation in Citihomes

The suspension is based on the complaint of Phase 3 President, Mr. Ruel Labares, lodged against Mr. Villaluz. The latter factored in an accident at the road separating Phase 2 and Phase 3 on the fateful evening of January 22, 2011.

The vehicle, which is owned and driven by Mr. Villaluz, was involved in a collision with another motorela. Mr. Villaluz was found to be intoxicated during the incident and is speeding beyond the 20 kph limit.

A hearing between the complainant and the concerned was called and attended by officers of the different associations. The associations imposed indefinite suspension of the operation of motorela owned by Mr. Villaluz. He is also indefinitely barred to drive a motorela within the subdivision.

The Associations had adopted last year guidelines and policies in policing the motorela operation within the subdivision. The sanctions imposed in the guidelines do not specify the reasons for indefinite suspension of motorela units and driver.

The present officers and members of the different HOAs are in the process of improving the rules and guidelines on motorela and habal-habal operations in the subdivision.

Motorela and habal-habal (single motorcycle for hire) are the major means of transportation from and to the subdivision.

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