SURVEY: Street Names for Citihomes Phase 2

Homeowners are wondering why the developer had not yet installed the street names in Phase 2. The construction of street signs’ posts was started and finished in the middle of last year.

If you notice, Phase 1 had their streets coined after the names of angels. There was a joke among homeowners that, perhaps, Phase 2 will have the different pseudonyms of demons. Probably it was patterned on the book, Angels & Demons, of bestselling author, Dan Brown. Phase 3 will have their streets named after breed of dog.

It was also the homeowners’ belief that naming the street is the onus of the developer. The developer is possibly in a dilemma looking for monikers of demons as implied by the joke.

Recently, it was known that the previous officers and members of the Board of Directors were already informed with regards to arrangement of naming the streets around Phase 2. Unfortunately, the developer, as claimed by Project Engineer John Lee Etol, was not supplied with the names.

On my own, I listed the following categories for naming our streets. The categories are listed below. This has not been discussed by the members of the Board of Directors, but I am planning to propose this in the coming 2nd Regular Meeting on February 12, 2012.

I came up with three (3) categories – Flowers, Philippine Fruits, and Superheroes. I thought of the Superheroes Category just in case majority of the homeowners would desire for unique street names.

Please note that the problem with Phase 1 street names is some of it are hard to remember and some are similarly sounding and spelled. What we wanted to achieve is a name that has a higher possibility of recall, something unique, contains one word, and is facile to spell/write.

Some names are already suggested per category. Please vote on what CATEGORY you want our streets be named. The highest ranking category will be adopted. We will then vote on what names that will be adopted on the approved category.

You are free to make suggestions for additional category.  Also note that there are 11 streets/roads that we will be baptizing.

Here’s the Categories:

Philippine Fruits



  1. Banana / Saging
  2. Durian
  3. Guava / Bayabas
  4. Jackfruit / Langka
  5. Mango / Mangga
  6. Mangosteen
  7. Papaya
  8. Pineapple / Pinya
  9. Pomelo
  10. Rambutan
  11. Santol
  12. Starfruit / Balimbing
  13. Tambis
  14. Avocado
  15. Guyabano
  16. Caimito
  17. Marang
  18. Orange
  19. Melon
  20. Watermelon


  1. Azalea
  2. Bluebell
  3. Buttercup
  4. Cornflower
  5. Daffodil
  6. Dahlia
  7. Daisy
  8. Dandelion
  9. Edelweiss
  10. Everlasting
  11. Eucalyptus
  12. Gardenia
  13. Honeysuckle
  14. Hyacinth
  15. Iris
  16. Ivy
  17. Jasmine
  18. Lily
  19. Lavender
  20. Magnolia
  21. Marigold
  22. Cattleya
  23. Peppermint
  24. Rosemary
  25. Sunflower
  26. Tulip
  1. Wolverine
  2. Spiderman
  3. Batman
  4. Superman
  5. Hulk
  6. Catwoman
  7. Elektra
  8. Hellboy
  9. Ironman
  10. Iceman
  11. Thor
  12. Phantom
  13. Punisher
  14. Juggernaut
  15. Gambit
  16. Beast
  17. Magneto
  18. Phoenix


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15 thoughts on “SURVEY: Street Names for Citihomes Phase 2

  1. During the last general assembly, those present voted for names of flowers for the street name. Since, we have not yet supplied the list to the developer, we still have time to vote or choose another category if majority would desire it.

  2. Hi, I am Mrs. Seniel and a resident of Phase 2. I have just viewed the blog site for Citihomes Subdivision you have created and I was quite amazed by your effort and enthusiasm promoting awareness and further encouragement to support one another for the betterment of the community. I have read your recent blog soliciting Street Names for Citihomes Phase 2. ‘My apology if I cannot vote to any of the items you have mentioned as I find it very common. it’s like it can be easily located to any of the existing Subdivisions in Cagayan de Oro City. My apology if to some extent I gave little discomfort or offense. But whatever the final vote is, I will gladly respect it.

    Furthermore, please allow me to contribute a little. As we noticed that Phase 1 uses the names of Angels, and for me, this merely symbolizes “Good will, protection, kindness, power, and promoting goodness to one another”. My suggestion is why not we use same line? it’s like having a common denominator which is basically instilling goodness to community. Hence my suggestions is we used Mythological Figures “GODS And GODDESSES”. From history, we were told that they were bound to protect humans beings and so same as “ANGELS”.

    Here are some of the list I know under this category but there are actually a lot more.

    1. Aphrodite – Goddess of Love
    2. Apollo – God Of Music
    3. Artemis – God of the hunt
    4. Athena – Goddess Of wisdom
    5. Demeter – Goddess of Agriculture
    And harvest
    6. Dionysus – God of Wine, festivals
    7. Hera – Queen of marriage, women, childbirth, kings
    8. Hermes – God of Travel, messengers,trade, diplomacy
    9. Poseidon – God of the sea, rivers, floods
    10. Zeus – King of Gods, god of the sky.

    These are just some of my suggestions. And again thank you so much for the efforts.


    • Hi, additional contribution for the list of Gods and Goddesses:

      11. Hestia – Calm goddess of home and homelife, symbolized by the hearth which holds the continually-burning flame.
      12. Amphitrite – goddess of the Sea
      13. Hebe – the goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera
      14. Eirene – the goddess of Peace
      15. Eos – the goddess of Dawn
      16. Aeolus – god of the Winds.
      17. Hephaestus – the god of Fire (Vulcanus)
      18. Morpheus – the god of sleep
      19. Eros – the god of Love (Cupidon or Cupid)
      20.Amphitrite – goddess of the Sea
      21. Herse/Ersa – goddess of the morning dew that nourished plants, a daughter of Zeus and Selene.
      22. Nemesis – the goddess of vengeance
      23. Panacea – goddess of Healing

    • mr. jun, maayo kay naa man diay ka fan club sa citihomes. hope you can influence them to actively contribute or get involve in the discussion of issues and concerns of the subdivision or in matters that would improve our community.

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