Phase 1, 2 & 3 HOAs ask HLURB’s Ruling

The Board of Directors of Pag-ibig Citihomes Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association (PCHOA-2) in their 2nd Regular Board Meeting unanimously agreed to demand the full turnover to the Association the fees collected by the developer, Johndorf Ventures Corporation (JVC). JVC collected the Membership Fee of P500.00 and 6-month advance on Membership/Association Dues, commonly known as monthly dues, worth P360.00 from homeowners during the issuance of Permit to Occupy (PTO).

PCHOA-2 in its two years of existence is still to receive the funds from the developer. Dialogues have been conducted in the past between the parties but failed to give good results.

In the joint meeting of officers of homeowners’ associations of Pag-ibig Citihomes Subdivision held in January 22, 2011, officers expressed a strong support to call for the 100% collection of money from JVC. The three (3) associations agreed to ask Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) to make a ruling on the issue.

A letter to HLURB signed by Phase 1, 2 & 3 Homeowners’ Associations’ Presidents was lodged with the former on January 27, 2012.

The State recognizes that developers of subdivision may help homeowners organize homeowners’ association.

“The developer may collect the Membership Fee and other dues in behalf of the Association pending its organization. But said money should be given back to the Association once it’s organized”, is the collective stand of the homeowners.

“The developer has no right to spend the collected fees or money of the Association, unless the Association authorizes them. The membership fee and monthly dues collected by the developer are Associations’ money, not of developer’s,” they further agreed.

There is no standing Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement between the JVC and the three (3) Homeowners’ Associations as to its use.

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