Cedula Issuance at Citihomes

During the 1st Regular Board Meeting-cum-Election of Officers, the newly elected members of the Board of Directors agreed to request the Office of the Barangay Official of Malanang to conduct a day clinic at the subdivision on a few weekends where they will issue Community Tax Certificate, commonly known as cedula. It was also agreed that if the Barangay Malanang officials will not grant the request, we will seek the services of the Local Government Unit of Opol.

The objective of the Board was simply to give convenience to the homeowners who will obsviously get cedula as this is necessary for their employment. Secondly, this will also give opportunity to the Barangay Official to raise their revenues.

Fortunately during the Oath-taking Ceremony of the newly elected officials of the various homeowners’ associations of Pag-ibig  Citihomes Subdivision, Barangay Captain Aba was in attendance. We then took the chance to ask him personally of the proposal of the Phase 2 Homeowners’ Association. Gladly enough, our Barangay Chair accepted our proposal.

Barangay Officials came to the subdivision on two successive Saturdays (January 14 & 21) to serve the residents. The agreement between the Barangay Chair and the Board was for them to provide services from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. However, the concerned officers were available only in the morning for both Saturdays.


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