Finally a Home

Every person and entity should become accustomed to the fast changing world. New innovations on processes, systems, technologies are being developed daily. Those who can’t readily unjust to the rapid advances in different fields will be swept away by strong current of change or they be left behind wondering what hit them.

Many individuals had adapted fairly to the trends in various areas. Some even change their gadgets in the similar frequencies they change their underpants. Individuals forego their traditional diary and scrap book, they have blogs, personal websites, and facebook accounts, instead.

Businesses follow the technological advances. They now transact business both in the traditional channels and through the virtual sphere. Educational, charity, and non-profit organizations have found their way to the universe.

Whether we like or not, most of us are already wired to one another in this internet generation. And we find it more convenient to connect with our families, friends, colleagues, etc thru the web.

And since most of us, Phase 2 residents of Pag-ibig Citihomes, have accounts, have a link to www, it is just right that we will also have a common home in the web. I understand we already have a facebook group/page for that matter but it provides us with a little room for things we want to know about our community and our association.

It is on this intention that this blog was created to address some of our concerns, issues in our community. This will also serve as some sort of our community on-line publication. Currently, our Homeowners’ Association is not capable of providing our members with a monthly newsletter. We are still financially handicapped at the moment.

Anyways, welcome to our on-line gazette, our virtual home. Hope you keep visiting this site for more updates. You can also subscribe to this blog so you will be notified thru email about new post.


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